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A life filled with purpose, not stress

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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Mary Beattie
Has stress been burdening your life? Do you think it holds you back from fulfilling your purpose? Speaking of God, the Bible says, "This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise." (Isa 43:21) Join Mary Beattie, a Christian Science practitioner as she answers questions on this topic. She will show how being faithful to demonstrating our spiritual, God-given nature, will reveal our true purpose and how we can fulfill it, without stress.
About Mary Beattie: While Mary’s young family was growing up, they lived in Malaysia, England, and Australia, but found they were never tied to the same neighborhood for a sense of security or happiness.  For Mary and her husband, a sense of purposeful employment did not come from being tied to the same office. Spiritual sense was found to be an antidote to stress. That same spiritual sense also led to satisfying purpose in a variety of roles in education.

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