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Climate change: How prayer can help

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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martha sarvis
Concerns about possible climate change have become more and more a part of the national and international dialogues on weather. Extreme weather and higher demand for energy are just two issues brought out in a bipartisan report generated earlier this year. In addition to weather-related effects, there are concerns that warmer temperatures pose a threat to ocean life, crop production, and overall productivity in farming and construction sectors.
Even if you don't believe that climate change is important, the fear of climate change is affecting governments and people around the world. Your prayers, thoughts, and questions about climate change can help to bring healing insights to all who attend this chat with a Christian Science healer.
About Martha Sarvis: Martha is a Christian Science practitioner who, with her husband, Corky, lives outside Boerne, Texas (north of San Antonio). She has written several articles for the Christian Science Sentinel and the Monitor’s Christian Science Perspective column. She has been a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner since 2011. Martha has served as Reader and Sunday School teacher. She continues to be an active church member.

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