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Is your church too small?

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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manya ann kaseroff-smith
Is church ever really about the numbers? Isn’t it actually about healing the sick, reforming the sinner, and even raising the dead? That’s how Jesus started his church, and he did it as just one person! His example shows us that church depends not on numbers, but on the spirituality of those who make up the church. Even if your church has just a handful of people, each member has something beyond value to cherish and to share with others: the power of spiritual healing through an understanding of God.
Bring your questions to this live chat with Christian Science practitioner and teacher Manya Ann Kaseroff-Smith from Los Altos, California, to explore the innate promise each one of us can bring to our churches, and how no church can ever truly be too small to heal as Jesus taught us to heal and to grow and prosper.
About Manya Ann Kaseroff-Smith: Manya was introduced to Christian Science through a kind neighbor who drove her and her sister to Sunday School every week. Ever inquisitive and curious about the healing practice of Christian Science, Manya engaged quickly and deeply with the principles of Christian Science. She took Primary class immediately after graduating Sunday School and began a part-time practice while she finished college and taught. After becoming Journal listed in 1982, Manya has dedicated her life to the full-time practice of Christian Science healing. Manya and her husband live in the San Francisco Bay area.

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