zaterdag 7 juni 2014

MBE Papers project 7 juni 2014

Please join The Mary Baker Eddy Library for an audio chat 
Please join The Mary Baker Eddy Library for an audio-cast on Saturday, June 7, 2:00 p.m. EDT, on Mary Baker Eddy's years as a public speaker and preacher and the recently-launched “Pilot Papers Project,” at on the Library's website. This new Web resource provides annotated documents with history and detail from a period when Eddy brought her message and ideas to gatherings great and small, sympathetic and hostile, in the public speaking venues of her day. 
Sherry Darling, Project Manager and Lead Researcher for the “Papers Project,” and Senior Researcher, Mike Davis, will be in the studio to discuss this pivotal and profound period in Mary Baker Eddy’s experience and in the history of Christian Science. Davis, who wrote much of the annotation for the papers project, and Darling will explore this content and respond to listener comments and questions. Comments and questions can be submitted just prior to the broadcast and throughout the program on the web page for the June 7th event. 
For more information, please contact Library Programs Producer, Jonathon Eder, at or 617- 450-7131 

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