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Dealing with astrology and superstition

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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Monica Karal
Where do you look for guidance about your prospects for the future? To astrology? Superstition?
Research reports that a billion people worldwide—including about 30% of Americans—believe in astrology. Others rely on superstition for protection and guidance. Wouldn't you really rather have a sure source for guidance? Christ Jesus' life and works show that each of us can know the blessings of God's loving guidance through life's challenges. And the testimonies on this website offer proof of his promise.
To learn more about God's purpose for you, sign on to this chat with a Christian Science healer. She will answer your questions about how to know God's guidance, to trust in His love for you, and to gain healing. Walking in the path of spiritual truth, you will find strength and joy for the present and the future.
About Monica Karal: Monica is a Christian Science practitioner who speaks English, French, and Spanish. She loves to see how the application of spiritual laws brings healing and progress to every aspect of human experience. She has written many articles for the Christian Science periodicals.
Monica has led workshops on “Talking with others about Christian Science” and recently gave a talk at a Christian Science nursing facility. She currently serves as Committee on Publication for Quebec (media and legislative representative for Christian Science). She has filled many roles in her branch church, and has served The Mother Church as Trustee for the Christian Science Trust in Canada.
Before becoming a Christian Science practitioner, Monica worked as a counsellor and supervisor in women’s shelters, supporting families' divine right to be free from violence. Monica loves spending time in nature, travelling, and getting to know all kinds of people.

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