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How to have a fulfilled life

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Sabrina Stillwell
If you've ever felt that life was passing you by, or that you would never feel satisfaction and happiness, this chat is for you. God delights in you and has a purpose for you. No matter where you are on the human timeline, fulfillment is still possible. The Bible mentions many cases of people who found joy and satisfaction through God's love—Abraham, Moses, the Apostle Paul are just three. And Mary Baker Eddy also felt God's touch through her discovery of Christian Science. These are just a few examples of how God has cared for others and will also care for you.
To find out more about how your life can be filled with satisfaction, joy, and goodness, join this chat with an experienced Christian Science healer and teacher.
About Sabrina Stillwell: Sabrina went into the full-time practice of Christian Science in 1992. From 2001-2004, she served as the Christian Science Committee on Publication (a liaison for Christian Science to the media and legislative work) in the state of Utah. During this period she wrote a bi-monthly article for the Religion section of her local newspaper. She also served as a chaplain for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. In 2003, she went through Normal class, and became an authorized teacher of Christian Science.
Sabrina feels that the study and practice of Christian Science are the most fun things on the planet! Living out from divine Love, overcoming limitations and false fears—what better life can you have? This life with God is an adventure in learning and demonstrating the very presence of God. We can find joy, and peace, and adventure everywhere on our journey with God.
Sabrina and her husband, Rob, have three grown children and a load of sweet grandchildren. And while she teaches and holds the meetings of her Association in Utah, currently she and Rob are living in Southern California.

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