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To feel rested and refreshed

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Kittie Burris
Insomnia and sleep deprivation are major problems affecting people today. Many turn to sleeping pills and other sleep aids to find rest. But does our sense of rest really depend on how much sleep we get at night? Christian Science teaches that rest and sleep are not necessarily related. Rest is a spiritual quality of God. It’s independent of how much sleep the body gets. As children of God, our peace is determined by God’s ability to care for us, so we always have a divine right to feel rested and refreshed, even if we’ve missed a good night’s sleep.
To explore this topic further, and to gain a greater sense of how you can demonstrate this promise of rest in your life, join this live chat and bring your questions for Christian Science practitioner and teacher Kittie Burris from Chesterfield, Missouri.
About Kittie Burris: Kittie is a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science. Her background includes work in banking and also for the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. She has given talks to groups at religious, hospital, and school facilities, and while she was serving as a college advisor to the Christian Science Organization at Occidental College in Los Angeles she was on the Interfaith Council there.

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