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Peace instead of war; a refuge for refugees

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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Joshua Niles
As streams of Syrian refugees continue to leave that war-torn land, North Africans risk their lives in shoddy boats in the hope of gaining a new life in Europe, and Asians try to reach Australia across dangerous waters, there's a need to pray not just about their circumstances but also about the nations and local communities where the refugees are headed. In this chat we'll explore ideas about how both refugees and countries receiving them can change outcomes—from despair to hope, from desperate measures to inspired answers.
Bring your questions, thoughts, and ideas to this live chat with a Christian Science healer who served as head of a US Army platoon during the Iraq war.
About Joshua Niles: Josh has been actively serving others for much of his life, in things such as tutoring, coaching, teaching Sunday School, as well as serving as an officer in the United States Army and leading a platoon in Baghdad, Iraq. Since 2008, Josh has been dedicated to healing spiritually as a Christian Science practitioner and to sharing with others this scientific prayer-based system of healing.
As a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship, Josh has shared the message of God’s healing and transforming love with diverse audiences in many parts of the world, discussing how to detect and overcome mental ambushes, shed the burdensome weight of fear and doubt, as well as open the doors to see the spiritual nature of life, health, and prosperity.
Josh and his wife, Darci, live in Boise, Idaho.

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