zaterdag 5 oktober 2013



From the October 14, 2013 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel
open wood door
© Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock
Sweet sanctuary known
only to God and man.
Hallowed, unseen, felt. 
Love warms the air,
pervades the very heart and soul
through prayer,
and we feel Shekinah,
sacred refuge—a living presence. 
When we pray,
we enter the invisible door.
The carnal mind melts
in the reality of the entireness of God
—perfection, harmony, healing. 
Those who enter receive the blessing.
What is divinely true is realized.
We find the kingdom of heaven
… always within.
Keep the door open.
What rewards spring forth! 
Ours to claim.
Listen, enter, and rejoice. 

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