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For a stable marriage

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Jenny Lobl
In today’s world, a stable, long-lasting marriage seems more and more to be an anomaly or a thing of the past. With divorce so common, how can a married couple find faithful, loving, permanent companionship? While every marriage is unique, the teachings of Christian Science can help uplift one’s concept of marriage. “Marriage should signify a union of hearts,” writes Mary Baker Eddy (Science and Health with Key to the Scripturesp. 64). Marriage should be a source of affection, tenderness, mutual appreciation, support, friendship, and love. When couples allow such spiritual qualities to take center stage, the marriage relationship will be strong and secure.
To further explore some of the key spiritual ingredients of a successful, stable marriage, join this chat, and bring your questions for Christian Science practitioner and teacher Jenny Lobl from London, England.
About Jenny Lobl: After completing a Bachelor of Science degree at Melbourne University in Australia, Jenny worked in the computer field. At that time she was introduced to Christian Science and soon after became a Christian Science nurse, working in Australia and London. While working in London, she met and married her husband, Tony. They have been married for 24 years. After living in the United States for some years, they are now back in London, where they are both active in the public healing practice of Christian Science. Jenny became listed as a practitioner in 2006 and as a Christian Science teacher in 2012. 

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