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Retirement—a spiritual perspective

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Barbara Vining
A peaceful, comfortable retirement is something many people look forward to in their senior years. Yet, some may find it to be full of challenges, such as finances drying up, health failing, or a sense of identity and purpose disappearing. Thankfully, these challenges can be overcome—through the understanding and trust that God cares for each one of us forever and always gives us meaningful purpose throughout our entire lives. Retirement should be a prosperous, productive time of life, not a period that lapses into decline.
To discover more about how leaning on God’s love can uplift your retirement years, join this chat, and bring your questions for Christian Science practitioner and teacher Barbara Vining, from Perrysburg, Ohio.
About Barbara Vining: A full-time practitioner and teacher of Christian Science, Barbara has also written and edited for the Christian Science periodicals, served on the Christian Science Boards of Education and Lectureship, and served as President of The Mother Church. Barbara lives in Perrysburg, near Toledo, Ohio.

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