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Filling an empty nest with joy

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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Janet Hegarty
When kids go to college, get married, or move away from home, it can be a time of transition for the parents. Learning how to adjust can be difficult. And despite the newfound freedom for the kids and parents, both can experience feelings of loneliness and sadness. Is it possible to find joy when day-to-day family life is undergoing this change? What do you do if you feel discontent when kids "fly the coop" or "leave the nest"?
Mary Baker Eddy makes this encouraging point in her revolutionary book on spiritual healing Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: “Each successive stage of experience unfolds new views of divine goodness and love” ( p. 66). Let's explore these new views together and find out how to realize the good effects of them in our life. Join Christian Science practitioner and teacher Janet Hegarty in a live Sentinel chat where she will answer questions about what is sometimes called the “Empty Nest Syndrome” and how you can overcome its ill effects. She'll point you to the newness, freshness, and eternal good that the Bible promises.
About Janet Hegarty: Janet is a Christian Science practitioner and a teacher of Christian Science. After completion of her Master’s degree in music composition, Janet composed and produced original music for off-Loop theater productions and film in Chicago, Illinois. Later, Janet and her husband, Jim, ran a commercial music business together. Soon after their two children were born, Janet began her work as a Christian Science practitioner and has been in the practice over 20 years. She has a daughter living and working on the East Coast, and a son in graduate school on the West Coast. Janet and her husband live in St. Louis, Missouri.

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