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Spirituality and sports

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Jan Keeler
From the exuberance of an athlete on a high school playing field to the intensity of an Olympic gymnast, sports teach lessons about perseverance, courage, and excellence. Sometimes they also include examples of dishonesty, egotism, and violence. Yet at their best, sports of whatever kind can be a blessing to people of all ages. In this chat you'll be able to find out how a spiritual approach can be beneficial even if you're only mildly interested in sports. And if you're curious about how prayer can help athletes overcome the challenges in today's high pressure sports world, this is the place to pose those questions.
Join this chat with a Christian Science healer to get some great ideas about how a spiritual approach to sports—or any worthwhile endeavor—can benefit you, too.
About Jan Keeler: Jan is a native Texan. She did venture up to Boston to get a graduate degree in speech communication from Emerson College, work at The Mother Church, and teach classes at Emerson College and Suffolk University. Shortly after graduation, she went into the full-time practice of Christian Science healing and has since become a teacher of Christian Science. She has also been a frequent contributor to the Christian Science periodicals. She currently lives in Austin, Texas, where she enjoys the vistas and sunsets of the Texas Hill Country.

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