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The Unveiled Face

From the July 12, 1900 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel
Christian Mirror

Not as of old, when Moses came
Down from the mount, that burnt with flame
And shook with thunder loud;
Because the great and mighty God
Upon its rocky summit trod,
While all the people bowed;
With veiled face he must appear,
That thus the people might draw near,
And hear the word he brought,
But not upon a veiled face
Must we now look for saving grace,
If we by Christ are taught.
If without faith we read the word
Which Moses wrote, inspired by God,
Upon our hearts will lie
The same impenetrable veil;
And human skill will surely fail
To see the reason why.
But liberty his spirit brings,
And faith can clasp the hand that flings
Aside the mystic veil;
And gazing with unveiled face,
We can discern the wondrous grace
That nevermore shall fail.
Reflecting as a mirror then
The glory of the Lord, on men
There comes a mighty change;
Transformed into his image bright,
From glory on to glory's height,
The spirit's lofty range.

In the Christian Mirror.

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