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Finding hope in the face of betrayal

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Ginny Luedeman
Anyone who has ever been betrayed or abandoned by a loved one may struggle with dark thoughts of grief, loneliness, or bitterness, but may also learn more about the unfailing love of God, who never abandons us and who is actually the best friend anyone can have. In a time of betrayal, it is important to cling to God, divine Love, to find a way forward. Both the betrayer and the betrayed can find answers and guidance when they lean on God for help.
Join this live chat with Christian Science practitioner and teacher Ginny Luedeman, and bring your questions to discover more about how God’s love for each one of us can give hope, strength, and renewal after any betrayal.
About Ginny Luedeman: Ginny has been in the public practice of Christian Science for over 37 years, having proved this Science to be a practical, "hands-on" law of Love that really works in everyday experiences, even tough ones! She discovered Christian Science in the 60's while singing with a rock group in San Francisco and was healed of an LSD overdose by turning to God. Ginny has seen how this law of Love has strengthened, healed, and lifted her life and the lives of those she has prayed with, including her husband (a retired Army chaplain), six children, and sixteen grandchildren. Ginny lives in Salem, Oregon.

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