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Don't let heredity define you

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Barbara Pettis
According to medical and biological theories, our genetic heritage from our parents defines who we are and our proclivities toward good health or vulnerability to hereditary diseases. But is this actually so? Are we really only the sum of our genes? Many people have been able to gain freedom from a genetic disposition toward disease and other limitations through the study of Christian Science. Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered this Science states specifically, "Heredity is not a law" (Science and Health with Key to the Scripturesp. 178).
It is possible to prove this to be a fact, and to find out how, bring your questions to this live chat with a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science.
About Barbara Pettis: Barbara Pettis has devoted herself for many years to the practice and teaching of Christian Science. She was previously involved with public schools and worked as a writer and editor. She has lived in Asia, in Europe, and in many parts of the United States. She currently lives and teaches in the Boston area.

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