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Confidence in God

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Tony Lobl
We’ve probably all faced situations that undermine our confidence and make us feel inadequate or unable to find a solution to the problem. Likewise, Christ Jesus was also presented with many types of problems and he met each with the unshakable confidence that “with God all things are possible.” So how can we gain more of the confident trust in God that Jesus had?
To find answers join Tony Lobl, a Christian Science practitioner from London, England, as he answers questions and explores how to heal by leaning wholeheartedly on God and feeling the unshakable peace that comes from an understanding of God's goodness and love.
About Tony Lobl: As a teenager Tony discovered a love of writing, and since encountering Christian Science at university he has made its understanding and practice a priority. After graduating, he spent ten years taking short-term freelance jobs, mainly in the media industry, to take time to think and pray, be creative, and travel. From his early thirties he’s filled various roles in the Christian Science movement including his current position as UK and Ireland media and legislative representative which draws on both his love of writing and his love of sharing Christian Science with those unfamiliar with it. He and his wife, Jenny, live in London and are both Christian Science practitioners.

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