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Spirituality: What it is, and what it isn't

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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Virginia Harris
Perhaps you've heard about the mind-body connection and the role spirituality can play in health and healing.  If you haven't, consider this: spirituality is becoming increasingly important to today's healthcare providers as they explore the relation between the patient's thought and their health. Want to know how these ideas on spirituality can help you regarding your health issues? Join this chat with an experienced Christian Science healer who will respond to your questions about how God's laws of health and harmony can bring healing to your life.
About Virginia Harris: Having been raised in Christian Science, Virginia (Ginny), was always comfortable relying on Christian Science treatment as a method of healing. But it was the healing that occurred following a life-threatening car accident that set her on a whole new course. Ginny has been a schoolteacher, television host, businesswoman, an activist in the prevention of child abuse, and in 1979 she became a full-time Christian Science practitioner.
Ginny has since appeared in two exclusive interviews on Larry King Live and has been featured in The Boston GlobeThe New York TimesThe Los Angeles Times, NPR, and many other media. Ginny has served on the Christian Science Board of Directors and as a founding Trustee of The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity. She is also a teacher of Christian Science in the greater Boston, Massachusetts, area. 

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