vrijdag 5 oktober 2012


The daughter of Jairus

What means this radiance falling round,
And through the mist whence comes this sound:
“O maid! I say to thee, arise"?
Upon me gaze those grave, sweet eyes;
And though my thoughts a-flutter stray,
Thy truth-compelling voice obey
I must. O wonderous Man of God.
Whoe’er thou art, with mercy shod
And Love divine, thy glory now
I know. Sublimity thy brow
Encrowns, so mighty yet so meek!
Great life-renewer, to me speak!
Art come to call me from the dead,
Along Life’s pathway to be led?
From out the shadows where I trod,
E’en so I come. O Son of God!

Mabury, Eugenia Beatrice, 
“The Daughter of Jairus,” 
POEM, Sentinel, Vol.6 (26 March 1904), p. 469.

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