zaterdag 26 februari 2011


Haldene, Frances A., Emmanuel,” POEM, Sentinel, Vol. 15 (21 December 1912), p. 309.

"GOD with us!" O holy, gracious Spirit!
May our hearts be ever humble in Thy sight;
While the Father's presence gives us steadfast courage,
Gives us hope amid the most despairing night:
And we praise Thee, who art Life and light.

"God with us!" Amid the noise of battle,
When the sense is waging warfare fierce and keen;
Worn and spent is almost yielding to the foeman:
In a mighty victory will Thy strength be seen,
When we know Thee, who hast ever been.

"God with us!" Amid the bitter terror
Lest the raging flood should overwhelm us deep,
Lest we lose our hold when waves are surging o'er us:
Love divine! we cannot from Thy refuge sweep:
Thus we trust Thee, who dost Israel keep.

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