woensdag 8 september 2010

Upcoming chat, 14 september 2010

Busy life? There's a way to make space for peaceful moments

Barbara Vining, C.S.B.
Tuesday, September 14, 2010
2:00pm EDT - 3:00pm EDT
If you find your days packed to the top, and you're longing for time just to catch your mental and spiritual breath, you may find genuine refreshment in taking some quiet moments alone with God. Not possible, you say? Then join this chat and bring your questions to an experienced Christian Science healer. Barbara Vining has given a lot of thought to how to make space for God's love and compassion to shine into your life. You'll gain some insights into how you can practice the prayer and contemplation that will help you feel spiritually refreshed in the busyness of your life.
About Barbara Vining: A full-time practitioner and teacher of Christian Science, Barbara has also written numerous articles for the Christian Science periodicals, served on the Christian Science Boards of Education and Lectureship, and served as President of The Mother Church. Barbara lives in Perrysburg, near Toledo, Ohio.

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