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Defend yourself daily—with prayer

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Kevin Graunke
Throughout her writings, Mary Baker Eddy frequently counsels students of Christian Science to pray daily for themselves, and she shows how this prayer enables them to effectively demonstrate God’s goodness and power in their lives.
In The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany she writes, “Watch, and pray daily that evil suggestions, in whatever guise, take no root in your thought nor bear fruit. Ofttimes examine yourselves, and see if there be found anywhere a deterrent of Truth and Love, and ‘hold fast that which is good’ ” (pp. 128–129).
To learn more about this steadfast prayer and its power for good, join the chat with Christian Science practitioner and teacher Kevin Graunke.
About Kevin Graunke: Kevin's early professional work in business-to-business advertising was rewarding, but he had a deepening desire to serve God and man in a much more substantial way. In 1994, he became the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Wisconsin. A few years later, he was advertising as a practitioner in The Christian Science Journal.
After serving the Committee both at the state level for six years and in the Manager’s Office in Boston for another four, Kevin and his wife, Bonnie, returned to Wisconsin. In 2006, he received his teaching certificate and began teaching Christian Science Primary classes.

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