vrijdag 12 december 2014

The divinity of Christ

The divinity of Christ
excerpt from a lecture by E.A.Kimball - p.300
...God is the creator of life and life only. Now the Mind, the intelligence, the infinite wisdom that is God and that created all things, created Christ Jesus, His off-spring, the divine manifestation of God to man. In considering Christ, Christian Science teaches that the reality of Christ, the immortality, the divinity, the sonship, is not in the mere bodily presence, not in the corporeal presence of Jesus that was born of Mary; but the divinity of Christ is in the Mind which was in Christ. Christian Science teaches that it was the Mind that is God which also was in Christ Jesus. Therein is the divinity of Christ, therein is the immortality of this divine Godlike son of God. It was the Mind that is divine which was in Christ Jesus that constituted his Messiahship, that makes him the Saviour. It was this Mind that is the voice of God to man. It is this Mind that shows forth the power of God. It was this Mind that came to do the will of God and to fulfil the divine law. It was this Mind that came to seek and to save that which was lost; that came to destroy the works of the devil. It was this Mind that overcame. It was this Mind that healed the sick, reformed the sinner, raised the dead, removed mountains, walked upon the waves, raised Jesus from the dead and overcame every form of evil that opposes itself to the welfare and heaven of man.
It was this Christ that demonstrated, for the benefit of a suffering and an apparently doomed humanity, the divine nature, the divine purpose, the divine willingness, he divine law and power, and showed man that this power was not a far off obscured thing, but that it was a thing ever present, a thing for you and me now and everywhere. Christ Jesus came to demonstrate and to enforce not the law of death, but the law of Life.

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