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Breaking free from sensuality 

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Tony Lobl
From ads, music, film and television, the message presented is often sensual - an unrestrained indulgence of the physical senses. Because of this constant barrage, some people have come to see satisfying material desires as the way to finding happiness. But is this really the case?
Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, wrote in her book Science and Health with key to the scriptures, "Selfishness and sensualism are educated in mortal mind by the thoughts ever recurring to one's self, by conversation about the body, and by the expectation of perpetual pleasure or pain from it; and this education is at the expense of spiritual growth." (SH 260:24-260:28)
In this chat, Christian Science practitioner, Tony Lobl will answer questions on this topic, pointing to the fact that spiritual good, which comes from God, reveals a satisfaction that is permanent and leads to progress and joy in life.
About Tony Lobl: As a teenager Tony discovered a love of writing, and since encountering Christian Science at university he has made its understanding and practice a priority. After graduating, he spent ten years taking short-term freelance jobs, mainly in the media industry, to take time to think and pray, be creative, and travel. From his early thirties he’s filled various roles in the Christian Science movement including his current positions as UK and Ireland media and legislative representative and as a Christian Science lecturer (for special audiences) which draw on both his love of communicating and his love of sharing Christian Science with those unfamiliar with it. He and his wife, Jenny, live in London and are both Christian Science practitioners.

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