maandag 31 maart 2014

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AIDS – how deeply can love remove the stigma?

by Tony Lobl
When it comes to dealing with AIDS can love overcome stigma...and more? The article below was published on the Huffington Post UK as: Is There a Healthier, Healing Way to See Ourselves?
Below is an excerpt...
© Glowimages – Models for illustrative purposes only
© Glowimages – Models for illustrative purposes only
The grateful father attributed the return of health to a spiritual understanding of identity - one poetically captured in a Mindy Jostyn song called "In His Eyes", written specially for clients at a New York AIDS treatment center.
In His eyes you're a radiant vision of beauty
A gemstone cut one of a kind
You're fine as a diamond, deep as a ruby
Rare as a jade in His mind
No need to believe all you may have been told
No need to live in disguise
You're brighter than silver, purer than gold
A pearl beyond price in His eyes...

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