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Is the world coming to an end?

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Anne Melville
Around the world, some people are sounding the alarm—sometimes jokingly and sometimes seriously—that humanity may be living in the “end times.” War and instability in the Middle East, climate change, extreme storms and other so-called natural disasters—all these and more might incite some people to wrongly predict an apocalypse. But such predictions are groundless, and they can be put to rest through the deep understanding that God and His creation are good and real and can never end. The only thing that will surely end is evil because it is not and never was created by the infinite, eternal, ever-present God, divine Love.
To explore this topic further, join this chat and bring your questions for Christian Science practitioner and teacher Anne Melville from Kaikohe, New Zealand. And before the chat, you might enjoy reading and studying Anne’s article, “My prayers for Syria,” in the September 2, 2013, Christian Science Sentinel, as well as the chapter “The Apocalypse” in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.
About Anne Melville: Anne is a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science. She has lived in rural areas of New Zealand surrounded by farms, animals, birds, and much natural beauty, all of her life. She supports communities and the world at large through prayer.

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