vrijdag 21 februari 2014

Mattheus 19:26

All things are possible to God

 Sentinel Radio 1997

All things are possible

From the March 1990 issue of The Christian Science Journal

How wonderful
To know with God
All things are possible.
To know this day, this hour,
I can begin
To challenge every subtle claim of sin
That would deceive, delay
My recognition of God's perfect way.
With motives pure
I humbly seek and find
All things are possible with Mind.
No threat of dark foreboding can succeed
While trusting Love to meet my every need.
Mountains of fear and strife
Dissolve and fall
When love replaces hate—where God is All.
Each storm of doubt is stilled
And faith renewed.
Each day becomes a prayer of gratitude.
For gratitude will surely open wide
God-given ways to heal the mortal tide
Of disbelief. Till with one voice
God's children everywhere shall pray,
Father, all things are possible with You,

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