zondag 2 februari 2014



From the January 1961 issue of The Christian Science Journal
If a Christian Scientist should believe or say that there is no mental malpractice, no transference of evil thought, and leave the subject there, or if he should believe or say that there is danger from mental malpractice and leave the subject there, he would be closing his eyes to the instructions of his Leader, Mary Baker Eddy.
Mrs. Eddy declares in Miscellany (p. 364): "Animal magnetism, hypnotism, etc., are disarmed by the practitioner who excludes from his own consciousness, and that of his patients, all sense of the realism of any other cause or effect save that which cometh from God. And he should teach his students to defend themselves from all evil, and to heal the sick, by recognizing the supremacy and allness of good."

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