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What's fundamental about fundamentalism?

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Fundamentalism sometimes has negative connotations, but Christians labeled in this way have much in common with other people who long to know God and to do His will. They often are willing to go against popular materialism in order to maintain their spiritual identity. They can be deeply spiritual—and this is an aspiration many Christians share.
Unfortunately, fundamentalism may also include exclusivity, intolerance within and without an organization, and may even demonize modern society and its institutions. Extremists may perpetrate hatred and violence in the name of God. So how do we make a distinction between such extremist actions and fundamentalism in general? And how can our prayers bring about understanding and healing?
Join this live chat with two Christian Science healers, both of whom have served as military chaplains and learn more about the joys and challenges of understanding and living with fundamentalism.
Rob Gilbert
About Rob Gilbert: Rob has been a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science for many years. He has a Master of Theology degree from Boston University School of Theology, where he majored in Biblical Studies. While serving as a chaplain in the United States Army, he had a variety of assignments including military prisons, hospitals, and a tour of duty in Vietnam. He worked closely with clergy from a variety of faith backgrounds while in the military ministry. Rob retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel.
For nine years, he worked closely with state and federal legislators preserving religious accommodations in law that affected the practice of spiritual healing. Rob has been a Christian Science lecturer and has spoken to a variety of medical audiences on the practice of spiritual healing, to college classes in women’s studies and alternative healing, high school classes on the subject of comparative religions, and in jails and prisons. He has two grown sons and lives with his wife, Judy, in Upland, California.
Janet Horton
About Janet Horton: Chaplain (Colonel) Ret. Janet Horton entered the US Army in June 1976 as a chaplain and was the first woman assigned as a Division or Corps Chaplain. She supervised religious support for Joint Task Forces in Albania, Macedonia, and Kosovo. She was present at the Pentagon when it was attacked on 9/11 and subsequently advised the Department of Defense (DoD) on Muslim Issues and on the terrorist mindset.
Janet is currently a Military Chaplain Endorser for The Mother Church, training new Christian Science Military Chaplains, and lives in Ocala, Florida.

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