woensdag 25 december 2013


The Wisemen of the East had wandered far
In search of Truth;
Led by a star,
Their earnest prayer to find the Christ-idea
Was realized.
They laid their precious offerings at his feet,
And bowed themselves before the Prince of Peace,
And thus went forth renewed, continuing
Their journey by another way,
Far richer than before.
The simple shepherds faithfully kept watch
Over their flocks,
And heard the call
That heralded the Christ: To all mankind
Good will and peace.
So these men came and knelt before their Lord,
Humility and joy their offering.
Within each heart were peace and thankfulness;
The glory they had glimpsed they knew
Would evermore increase.
So unto Bethlehem each one must come;
The star shines still.
He in whose heart there burns the pure desire
To seek and know the truth and live thereby,
Whate'er the cost,
Is led unerringly to find the Christ;
Whoever bows
With humble heart before the dawning truth,
And offers silently his every thought
To God, within his heart again today
God's spiritual idea is glimpsed—
The Holy Ghost received. 
From the December 25, 1943 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

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