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Challenging pornography with purity

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Ron Mangelsdorf
In recent years, online pornography has spread rapidly across the Internet, with millions of websites and billions of dollars in revenue. How can individuals combat the temptation to access this content? Is a little bit of fantasy OK? Does this widespread usage obscure a person's perception of intimacy and other relationships? And how can we pray about those who are abused and mistreated as a result of the production of and exposure to pornography?
Explore these questions and more, as we discuss ways to move beyond sexually explicit content, toward the pure sense of reality, toward the one true attraction, God. Join Ron Mangelsdorf, a Christian Science practitioner and teacher, as he answers questions on this topic and helps people find true lasting satisfaction by discovering the sinless joy of Spirit.
About Ron Mangelsdorf: Originally from Illinois, Ron has lived in Alaska now for nearly 40 years. It has been a great place to pursue his love of the outdoors, raise a family, and devote his life to practicing and teaching Christian Science. As a practitioner, Ron has been called upon to pray about almost every kind of issue that may arise in human thought or experience. He has found the Bible and teachings of Christian Science to be valuable resources in finding answers to individual problems, as well as the countless complex challenges confronting our world every day.

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