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Prayer for the global economy

 Sentinel Audio Chat
Audio begins on September 17, 2013 at 2:00 pm EDT. Please come back to hear the broadcast!
Kevin Graunke
Today's economy is so interconnected that a crisis in one country can have an impact on neighboring countries or even nations far away from the actual events. And that influence isn't just theoretical—it can affect our jobs and other activities, no matter where we live. By the same token, advances—strong economic growth, for example—in one nation, can spark progress for its neighbors and  trading partners. That translates into opportunities for individuals too.
The question this chat will help answer is: how can prayer support progress at these national and international levels, and also within the smaller community setting? And what about your own and your family's economic progress? To find out how prayer can make a difference, check out this chat!
About Kevin Graunke: Kevin's early professional work in business-to-business advertising was rewarding, but he had a deepening desire to serve God and man in a much more substantial way. In 1994, he became the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Wisconsin. A few years later, he was advertising as a practitioner in The Christian Science Journal.
After serving the Committee both at the state level for six years and in the Manager’s Office in Boston for another four, Kevin and his wife returned to Wisconsin. In 2006, he received his teaching certificate and began teaching Christian Science Primary classes.

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