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Back to school

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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Melanie Wahlberg
For some students, returning to school can be a time full of possibilities—new friends, interesting studies, exciting activities. But for other students, it’s a time to deal with bullying, cliques, disappointment over “not making the team,” stress with balancing schoolwork and other activities, or difficulty making good grades.
The Bible spells out quite clearly in Genesis that “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Understanding the biblical view of each person’s spiritual identity as made in God’s likeness helps remove these challenges, and it also sets parents, teachers, and coaches free to more fully appreciate their students. Join Christian Science practitioner Melanie Wahlberg in a live Sentinel chat where she’ll answer questions about how we can discover more about our spiritual identity and find healing.
About Melanie Wahlberg: Formerly a college professor, Melanie Wahlberg has been a Christian Science practitioner for about ten years. During this time, her children have been students in public and charter schools as well as being homeschooled. Melanie has found prayer to be a vital support to her kids’ academic experiences and has enjoyed helping other parents and teachers find joy and satisfaction through their prayers as well. She is the joyful mother of three (two elementary school students and a middle-schooler).

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