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How does Christian Science heal?

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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Colleen Douglass
In a society that is slowly starting to question the effectiveness and high costs of medical health care, people may wish to know how Christian Science heals the sick. Christian Science is a wholly spiritual and mental method of healing, which anyone can learn to practice. It is a proven, effective, affordable, reliable, and safe means of treatment.
This chat is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of how Christian Science heals. Join the discussion and bring your questions for Christian Science practitioner and teacher Colleen Douglass, from Los Angeles, California, to explore how the laws of God can be applied to healing—can be demonstrated and proved in your life.
About Colleen Douglass: Colleen Douglass is a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science. She has also worked for the US Forest Service, led a recreation program on the Navajo reservation, and created marketing communication plans for clients in the tourism industry. But throughout her varied career, one thing has remained constant: her reliance on God. Her lifelong study of Christian Science has repeatedly proved the universal applicability and consistent reliability of God's law.

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