vrijdag 8 februari 2013



From the December 1946 issue of The Christian Science Journal
"Why did I do it?" Still the cry is heard
from grieving human hearts around the earth,
and back in answer comes the healing word,
"Man has made no mistake; man has not fallen."
This is the healing, scientific fact:
that God created man for His delight,
to show His glory forth in word and act
from everlasting unto everlasting.
This is the truth: that man can never fall,
nor by the slightest deviation err.
Man never strays, for God is All-in-all;
the prince of this world comes and can find nothing.
The false, material, fallen sense of man,
outfaced by Truth, withdraws; it never was.
There is no place for evil in God's plan;
God's universe, like God, must be unerring.
"Why did I do it?" Let this cry now cease.
Man has made no mistake, nor ever erred;
he walks with God in paths of joy and peace.
All that we long for even now is present.

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