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Morality: How can I "be good"?

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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Eric Nelson
In a secular society with constantly shifting moral landscapes, it can be difficult to always know the difference between right and wrong. Even if we have a sense of what is right, we may find it challenging to consistently live our moral ideals. Perhaps each one of us has at some point echoed the Bible refrain, “Instead of doing what I know is right, I do wrong” (Romans 7:19, Contemporary English Version).
So, is there a steady moral compass we can rely on to chart our course? If confusion surrounding our moral choices weighs us down, we can claim our divine right to clarity, purity, courage, and redemption. To find out more, join this live chat and bring your questions for Christian Science practitioner Eric Nelson from Los Altos, California.
About Eric Nelson: A native of San Diego, California, Eric currently serves as the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Northern California. After graduating from Principia College and working for three years for The Christian Science Monitor on various television programs (in Boston and Washington, DC), he spent a large portion of his time as a marketing consultant, a video producer, and the co-founder of a Silicon Valley start-up company connected with the travel industry.
In addition to his work with the media and state and federal legislatures, Eric also works as a Christian Science practitioner, available to those seeking healing through spiritual means. He now lives in Los Altos, California.

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