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Parents, kids, and daily prayer

 Sentinel Audio Chat
Audio begins on February 26, 2013 at 2:00 pm EST. Please come back to hear the broadcast!
Rich & Blythe Evans
Parenting! What a beautiful and sometimes challenging opportunity. Fortunately, there is a consistent place to turn for getting your bearings, in the moment and for the long term. The one divine Parent, Father-Mother God, infinite Love and Mind, provides solutions for succeeding at this wonderful responsibility, resulting in blessings for both child and parent.
To reflect on and discuss this timeless topic, come to this live chat with two Christian Science practitioners, Rich and Blythe Evans, who have raised a blended family of ten children. Rich and Blythe will be happy to address your questions from their experience in turning to God for guidance in all sorts of parenting situations.
About Rich and Blythe Evans: Rich is a Journal-listed practitioner, teacher, and the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Arizona. His earlier career included volunteering in the US Peace Corps in the Philippines, practicing law, and serving as an executive in various global businesses, such as AT&T, NCR, and US Web.
Blythe is also a Journal-listed practitioner and currently First Reader in their church in Scottsdale, Arizona. Like Rich, Blythe’s earlier career included serving in the Peace Corps in Gabon, Africa. Blythe has been both a stay-at-home mom and a working mom. She understands the joys and challenges of each role.
When most of the children were still very young, Rich and Blythe were married and merged their two families, her six children and his four.
Rich and Blythe’s family has had many experiences, including three major moves from the East to the Midwest, and then to the Southwest. Today four of their children are married and the youngest is a senior in college.
Both Blythe and Rich have served in most branch church capacities throughout their lives, while raising their family.

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