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Overcoming obsession

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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Susan Mack
Obsession can be defined, in part, as “such a persistent idea, desire, emotion, etc., especially one that cannot be gotten rid of by reasoning” (Webster’s New World Dictionary). But might there be a way to be free from obsession? Is it possible to overcome unhealthy preoccupations, recurring troubling thoughts, and obsessive tendencies? This chat will explore a spiritual response to these issues and will point to an answer—one that rests in feeling more of the powerful, transforming love of God, which comforts the heart and restores peace to one’s thoughts.
Listen in and bring your questions to this healing, freeing discussion with Christian Science practitioner and teacher Susan Mack from Saint Louis, Missouri and Orland, Maine. 
About Susan Mack: Susan Mack is a Christian Science practitioner and teacher who lives with her family in St. Louis, Missouri. She has written many articles for The Christian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinel. In addition to serving over 20 years in the practice of Christian Science, she has given many talks on that subject. An active church member, she has been an Institutional Chaplain, Reader, Sunday School teacher, soloist, and has also engaged in interfaith work.

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