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Dealing with debt and financial fears

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Tom McElroy
If you’re familiar with the Bible story of Jesus finding money in a fish’s mouth (see Matthew 17:24-27), perhaps at times you’ve wished you could find the same! Are you or someone you know struggling to climb out from under a mountain of debt? Are you afraid of running out of money—or that you may never have enough? Do solutions seem impossible?
While sound financial planning is helpful, a spiritually inspired approach can really make all the difference. Bring your questions to this chat with Christian Science practitioner Tom McElroy from Whittier, California, to explore how prayer can meet any need (including the direst), calm fears about the future, and guide each one of us to a wise financial path forward.
About Tom McElroy: After graduating from college, Tom ran a branch of a California-based finance bank, and at the same time, volunteered as a prison chaplain, where he worked with inmates in men's, women's, and youth facilities. Inspired by the benefits he’d seen of applying his study of Christian Science in the prison ministry as well as in business, Tom decided to commit himself to being a full-time Christian Science practitioner. As a practitioner, he talks and prays with people from all over the world in order to help others find spiritually based solutions to challenges ranging from health and finance issues to relationship difficulties. Tom is also a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.

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