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Harmony in the workplace

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David Kennedy
In today's competitive marketplace, harmony in the workplace is a valuable asset for the company and a benefit to all employees. If this isn't the kind of workplace you're in, there's a spiritual solution that can bring joy back into your work life. It is the kind of prayer Christ Jesus used to mold his occasionally bickering disciples into a team that carried on his work and transformed the world.
If you'd like to see gossip, bickering, and criticism removed from your work life, and respect, harmony, and even joy, become a part of your day, bring your questions and concerns to this chat with a Christian Science teacher and healer.
About David Kennedy: For all of his adult life, David's commitment has been to the healing practice of Christian Science. Through the years David has gained a deepening appreciation for God's healing presence and power, and for the ability we each have to lean on God and find healing. David became a practitioner of Christian Science while living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, then later moved to Boston, Massachusetts, to serve The Mother Church. He now resides in Naples, Florida, where he works as a practitioner and teacher.

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