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Let there be peace on earth—a Christmas prayer

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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Michael Pabst
For many people, 2012 has been a turbulent and trying year. This Christmas, each one of us has the opportunity to unite in prayer for a genuine and lasting peace for all. If you’re feeling troubled, hopeless, or distressed—if there seems to be no way out of the challenges ahead—you can pause and rejoice in the promise of Christmas. The healing Christ is always here to comfort and save.
Bring your questions and prayers to this live chat with Michael Pabst, a Christian Science practitioner and teacher from New York, and support an uplifting and joyous Christmas for everyone.
The world will feel the effect of our coming together in prayer.
About Michael Pabst: Michael is a native of Germany, as well as a citizen of the United States, and has a degree in civil engineering. Aftercollege, he conducted research projects on the containment of hazardous waste for the Technische Universität München (University of Technology, Munich) for several years. He was asked to move to Boston, where he served for 14 years as Producer of the radio programs associated with Der Herold der Christlichen Wissenschaft, Managing Editor for the print edition of the Herold, and Manager of Practitioner Services. Before his election to the Board of Directors, Michael also served on the Board of Lectureship for four years.

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