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Your right to a stress-free life

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Steven Salt
In today’s world, stress can almost feel like a normal state of being. More and more people find it challenging to balance their many responsibilities. A great number of adults fret about making ends meet. Students face increasingly high pressure to thrive in school. And all of us are connected and tuned-in 24/7 with smart phones and other technology, making it seem impossible to step back and relax.
If life feels stressful, hectic, or even out of control, there is a way to regain peace of mind. Prayer can ease pressures, overcome anxiety, and restore a sense of order to life. It can help each of us find ways to do whatever we need to do—with joy, not with stress. Bring your questions to this live chat with Christian Science practitioner and teacher Steven Salt from Columbus, Ohio, to further explore how prayer can bring peace.
About Steven Salt: Steven has been self-employed almost his entire life. He owned a family hardware store and worked as a handyman as he transitioned into the full-time practice of Christian Science healing. Steven lives in Columbus, Ohio, where he works as a Christian Science practitioner and teacher.

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