vrijdag 12 oktober 2012

Next chat 16 October 2012

Find work with purpose and meaning

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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Phil Davis
Because of struggling economies both in the United States and abroad, unemployment continues to be a serious issue. When looking for work, people often grapple with fear and discouragement, fueled by statistics in the news or by the negative opinions of others. However, turning to the Bible and the teachings of Christian Science has blessed the careers of many. Cultivating a higher view of God and who we are as His beloved child, opens the door not only to fulfilling employment, but also to new purpose and meaning in our work.
You're invited to participate in a chat with Christian Science practitioner and teacher Phil Davis to learn more about this topic and discover how to turn your job search around. 
About Phil Davis: Phil has been a professional Christian Science practitioner, available to help others through prayer, for over 25 years. He also has been an authorized teacher of Christian Science for over 20 years. Phil has a background in technology, having worked on missile electronics in the military and also as a recording studio engineer. He has served The Mother Church by giving workshops to churches and college groups, and managing Christian Science practitioner and Christian Science nurse activities.
Phil has had much experience with the public. He represented Christian Science to the media and government for nearly 20 years—working for the Committee on Publication at a state and federal level, and then managing on a global level from Boston.
Phil and his wife currently live in the Chicago, Illinois, area where he maintains his practice and teaching. 

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