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How can I know God exists?

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John Tyler
Atheists have been speaking out more and more in recent years. The questions they raise about the existence of God deserve thoughtful, probing attention not just from those who have doubts but also by people of faith. Just as Jesus and his disciples honestly explored the reality of God, people today have the right to authentic answers, too.
Can we know without a doubt that God exists? Is it possible to find a scientific understanding of Deity? Bring your questions to this live chat with John Tyler, a Christian Science practitioner and teacher who has tested his own understanding of God and found consistent, scientific, healing results that anyone can count on.
About John Tyler: John was introduced to Christian Science as a teenager and felt he needed to test the “science” part right away. His opportunity came soon when he accidentally broke open a hornets’ nest and he was able to prove God’s existence as an immediate total protection. Not a sting! John knew he was going to have to literally prove God’s existence every day, when he switched from full-time professional political scientist to full-time professional Christian Scientist, as a Christian Science practitioner.
John currently works as a Christian Science practitioner and teacher in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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