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Finding home

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Jill Gooding
Probably everyone has felt a wonderful sense of being “at home” at some point in their lives—and at other times has felt far from home. What is home, really? Is it “the perfect house” or something more? A spiritual understanding of home can help each one of us keep that good, homey feeling at all times, regardless of our current living conditions or the state of the housing market.
Bring your questions to this chat with Christian Science practitioner and teacher Jill Gooding to further explore how this spiritual understanding can warm the heart and help one find peace.
About Jill Gooding: Jill has changed locations many times in the last few years, living in seven different houses, but “home” has always remained the same—beautiful, safe, harmonious—a stable Kingdom anchored in divine Love.
Jill has actively served The Mother Church as a member of the Christian Science Board of Directors, President of The Mother Church, and on the Christian Science Board of Lectureship. She has been a Christian Science Practitioner for 35 years and is currently a teacher of Christian Science living in Ripley, Surrey, England.
Jill has a son and a daughter and five grandchildren.

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