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Back to school

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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Lynn Jackson
September is “back to school time” in much of the world, and many students are looking forward to a new adventure in learning. Sadly, for some this is not the case. School can bring challenges associated with a variety of learning deficiencies. In addition, some students struggle with behavioral disorders, lack initiative or are socially unresponsive. What can be done to help these students?
Join Lynn Jackson, a Christian Science practitioner and teacher, in a chat where she answers questions and shares how these limitations can be healed and academic success achieved.
About Lynn Jackson: Lynn Jackson is a Christian Science practitioner and teacher from Lubbock, Texas. She has written extensively for the Christian Science magazines and also was a member of the Christian Board of Lectureship for a number of years. She has a deep interest in healing, historical theology, and their application to world issues today. She has a bachelor's degree in English literature and a Masters in Christian Ministry. She and her husband have three daughters.

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