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Gambling––don't trust your life to luck

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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John Minard
Compulsive gambling affects millions of people around the world. But very few who trust their luck and their fortunes to gambling every really hit the jackpot. Many more find it only brings poverty and despair into their lives. Is there a better road to true wealth and happiness than relying on "the luck of the draw?" Is there a better way for communities to balance their budgets than relying on lotteries and other gambling revenues? Join this chat with a Christian healer to gain some ideas on how leave luck behind for the sure thing of trust in God’s law of good, that "gives us richly all things to enjoy!"
About John Minard: After getting a degree in telecommunications, John founded a corporate communications company in Michigan. He later moved to Boston to work for The Christian Science Monitor's broadcasting initiatives, and at other Church technology positions, including many Internet-related activities.
John and his family currently live in Collingswood, New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia, where John works as a Christian Science practitioner and teacher.

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