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Freedom from racial hatred

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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Tim Myers
News stories today send a sobering message: racial hatred is not a thing of the past. But there is always hope. God’s all-embracing love has the power to lift humanity to a spiritual view of all men and women. The Bible teaches that “. . . ye are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28). This impels the whole human family to unite in one bond of love, in which no one is viewed according to race, but as God’s unique and beloved child.
Join this chat with Tim Myers, a Christian Science practitioner from Los Angeles, California. Bring your questions and prayers to this tender discussion on how the world can find greater freedom and love.
About Tim Myers: When a long-term relationship dissolved while he was a senior in college, Tim found prayer and a growing sense of spirituality a necessity to overcome the fear, anger, loneliness and self-doubt associated with the break-up. As an officer in the US Army, owner of a construction business and an active participant in a wide variety of sports, Tim has had many opportunities to successfully use God's law applied through prayer to resolve challenges and heal physical ills.
This commitment to practical spirituality has led him to invest time as an active volunteer in a teen center – studying and applying conflict resolution and diversity awareness, and to work on the staff of a college Interfaith director, participating in Interfaith dialogues and discussing how spirituality relates to student life.
After Tim closed his construction business he went to work full-time helping others apply the system of spiritual laws, known as Christian Science healing. As a Christian Science practitioner living in La Canada-Flintridge, California, he has seen God's law heal problems related to businesses, relationships, physical illnesses, and all the other challenges of present day living.

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