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Overcoming sin

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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Margaret Rogers
Sin is such a loaded word that people get polarized even discussing it!  Yet we can't avoid recognizing and overcoming sin if we want to find lasting satisfaction and fulfill our potential as God's loved children.  Jesus called sin an enslavement (see John 8:34).  No one wants to be a slave, and Jesus said knowing the truth can free us. 
You're invited to participate in a chat with Christian Science practitioner and teacher Margaret Rogers to discover the truth about our unbreakable relationship with God, which frees us to express our natural innocence, joy, and worth.
About Margaret Rogers: As a teenager, Margaret volunteered in programs to help children of migrant workers. This interest in humanity grew into a career in Christian Science, which started with Christian Science nursing and led to public speaking on Christian Science healing as a member of the Board of Lectureship. Margaret’s audiences included college students and professionals in medicine and religious studies. She has also managed the office of Christian Science practitioner activities, in which she supported professional healers around the world. Margaret is a member of The Christian Science Board of Directors and currently chairs the Board of Trustees of The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity.

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