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Your innate talent and ability

 Sentinel Audio Chat
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Diane DaileyReality television shows abound showcasing people who yearn for their special “talent” to be discovered. Do you have talent? Do you feel your talent is hidden from the world? Or do you feel that you lack any special talent or ability? In this chat, we’ll discover that talent and ability are actually part of our spiritual nature -- they are gifts God has given to all of us to use and express in unique ways. 
Join this chat with Christian Science practitioner and teacher Diane Dailey, from Los Angeles, California, and learn how a greater understanding of your identity as a beloved idea of God can help you tap into your innate talent and ability.
About Diane Dailey: Diane has had a variety of employment experiences prior to her commitment to the full-time public practice of Christian Science in 1992. She lived in New York City and worked in management in a major ad agency before moving to California. Following a few years in TV series development, she established her own business, whose emphasis was consumer product development and corporate strategic planning.
Diane has been a frequent contributor to the Christian Science magazines. She became an authorized Christian Science teacher in 2000 and teaches classes on Christian Science healing in Los Angeles, where she resides.

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